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Happy, healthy, active kids see physical activity as play, not work. All of our youth fitness classes are fun and playful, and we help kids with any ability be their best. Our focus on movement education envelops our core values: respect, responsibility, humility and fitness. We challenge student athletes to improve their skills and we help kids who need extra encouragement reach new heights. We also offer private and semi-private training for children.

BE YOU Let’s mix fitness and fun



F.I.T. (Functional & Interval Training)

Ages 8-12
(45 MINS)


F.I.T. builds on Fitness Foundations and takes it one step further. Our trainers will work on improving your child’s coordination and flexibility, core development, self-confidence, and increased muscle strength.

Classes include functional exercises using body weight, speed work, and overall fitness, while making it a fun and engaging workout!  

Youth Muay Thai


Ages 8-12
(45 MINS)


Our Kids’ Muay Thai kickboxing classes reinforce mental focus and determination as much as they develop physical skill. We are not in the business of “selling belts.”

We help develop healthy kids with strong minds and strong bodies, while the kids have a blast learning new skills.

Registration fee required. Fee includes gloves, t-shirt, shorts and D&I sports bag. Contact the gym.  

D&I Athletics


D&I Athletics is a program designed for aspiring and competitive student athletes. It has been developed to take our athletes to the next level in their sports.

Our trainers will help your athlete improve his/her performance in their sport by incorporating speed & agility training, strength conditioning, and building overall confidence.

We will work with each athlete on his/her specific goals for a current season, upcoming season, tryouts, etc.


Speed & Agility Training I/II

Strength and Conditioning (ages 12 and up)

Team Training

Peak Performance Private Training


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